Dynamics CRM 订制配置

培训费用:¥ 9000

培训周期:24 课时





    The student will learn techniques required to customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM to meet the specialized needs of businesses. Topics covered include security; creation and configuration of entities; design of forms views and charts; auditing and solutions.

Who Should Attend:

    This course is intended for both novice and experienced customizers of Microsoft Dynamics CRM who are familiar with the end-user principles of the software. No programming skills are required, but a basic understanding of database principles will be an advantage.

At Course Completion:

    After completing this course, students will be able to:

    Design and implement strategies for the creation of Business Units and Security Roles

    Create and configure Microsoft Dynamics CRM Users and Teams

    Describe the principles of customizing the system

    Create and configure fields for both custom and system entities

    Create and configure custom entities, including standard and activity entities

    Design, create and configure relationships between entities

    Create and configure Views, Charts and Forms for both system and custom entities

    Implement Field Security in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

    Configure and monitor audition on Microsoft Dynamics CRM components

    Design, create and configure Solutions in Microsoft Dynamics CRM; implementing both managed and unmanaged Solutions

Prerequisite Comments:

    A working knowledge of how to use Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 is recommended but not required. Microsoft SQL basic knowledge is also recommended.


Lesson 1: Business Units and Security Roles

    Business Units

    Managing Business Units

    Security Features

    Lab : Maintaining Business Units

Lesson 2: Configuring Users and Teams

    User Management Overview

    Adding and Maintaining User Accounts

    Team Configuration

    Lab : Managing User Accounts

    Lab : Managing Teams

Lesson 3: Customizing Microsoft Dynamics CRM Overview

    Customization Methodology

    Who can Customize Microsoft Dynamics CRM?

    Types of Customizations

    Types of Customizations--Solutions

    Lab : Creating a Solution

Lesson 4: Customizing Fields

    Customization Concepts

    Field Data Types

    Field Properties

    Creating Fields

    Creating Option Sets

    Lab : Creating a Custom Field

    Lab : Creating and Using a Separate Option Set

Lesson 5: Customizing Entities

    Entity Concepts

    Modifying Custom Entities

    Lab : Creating Custom Entities

    Lab : Modifying Entities

Lesson 6: Customizing Relationships and Mappings

    Types of Entity Relationships

    Creating Entity Relationships

    Entity Mapping

    Lab : Create a Manual N:N Relationship

    Lab : Create a Mapping

Lesson 7: Customizing Forms, Views and Charts

    Basic UI Customization Capabilities

    View Customization Overview


    Form Customization Overview

    Other Form Objects

    Creating New Forms

    Lab : View Customization

    Lab : Creating Charts

    Lab : Forms Design

Lesson 8: Configuring Field Security

    Field Security Scope

    Field Security and Other Security Methods

    Lab : Creating and Testing a Field Security Profile

    Lab : Modify Field Security

Lesson 9: Configuring Auditing

    Enabling Auditing

    Viewing Audit Data

    Managing Audit Partitions

    Lab : Configure Auditing

Lesson 10: Configuring Solutions

    Solutions Review

    Exporting and Importing Unmanaged Solutions

    Exporting and Importing Managed Solutions

    Lab : Unmanaged Solutions

    Lab : Exporting and Importing Managed Solutions